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The Harper Dress in White Dots

The Harper Dress in White Dots

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Italian Linen, milk-maid style, midi dress - say less. This modest front & edgy back dress is perfect for your cottage core needs

Soft linen midi dress
Mostly opaque with open tie-up back and bust details
Elastic poof sleeves

This fabric is sustainably sourced organic linen.  As a natural material, this fabric is biodegradable.

how it's made

all products are handmade in tiny batches using premium eco-friendly materials. we work with the best American suppliers to create the most high-quality goods

where it's made

all products are handmade by the MONICAS team in Hoboken, NJ USA

why it's made

MONICAS products are crafted as alternatives to fast fashion, toxic, and unethical brands. We aim to celebrate everyday goods that are both aesthetic and sustainable.

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